Ice Cream Sundae

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Ice Cream well known and often served as dessert ice cream has a long history of origin and remains a great debate about its origins.

The existence of the ice cream sundae already exist in the 1800s, the debate over the origins of the ice Sunday and triggered controversy, and several regions of the United States in claiming the origin of the ice, such as: Ithaca , Wisconsin, Two River, Des Plaines, Illinois, Evanston, Illinois, New York City, New Orleans, Louisiana Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York.

Debate about the origin and apply for Ice Cream Sundae is considered a requirement for a certificate to Ithaca, because it is a documentary history of the birth of ice cream Journal of advertisements on paper diary, dated April 5, 1892. When such evidence can be seen Ice Cream Sundae is in Ithaca, and ice cream are 119 years at the table.